Traveler, Advocate and

Voice Over Artist

Who I am

Polymath, Star Thrower, Gin in a Teacup, Steel Gardenia, Environmentalist, Advocate, Change-maker, Feminist, Mama, Traveler, Creator and Christian! Find more about all these labels on the “About Me” page.

My favorites trips

Being a Mama hasn’t stopped me from traveling, if anything it has increased as I use every opportunity to teach and explore all that this world has to offer. Check out my blog for some great trips!

Advocacy efforts in my community and yours.

From how to reduce your waste to how to contact your legislators, I list both small and big tips to make a difference.

Voice Overs

Specializing in children’s book narrative, animation and accents, a diverse female voice over artist with home studio. Check out my Sound Cloud page for a range of demos and reels.

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